Apologist March Madness!

Last month, I was notified by Twitter that Here’s the thing… had been pitted against another Christian apologetics blogger in a poll. It was just a straight forward “pick one.” Not much more explanation than that.

Apparently, my hat had been thrown into a ring without my knowledge. So, I voted for myself (of course) and investigated.

I discovered that Zac from Adherent Apologetics is hosting a Christian Apologist March Madness Tournament. What a cool idea! I really appreciate the spirit with which the whole things is being done. Zac writes:

Why does this tournament exist? This is NOT a tournament with the goal to find the best Apologist. This tournament exists to glorify God through the promotion of Apologetics. Throughout the month of the tournament, I hope that many people find Apologists that they have never heard of before.

Through January and February, he has held qualifying rounds, resulting in a bracket of 256 Christian apologists, ranging the greats like Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig all the way down to, well, me.

That’s right! I made the Big Dance…of Apologetics!

At first, I was flattered that I was even considered. The apologists I have been up against in qualifying have larger platforms and more credentials than I do. I’m surprised that Here’s the thing… even came up on the radar.

However, with the tournament set to begin this weekend, the reticence is giving way to another demeanor.

I am not normally that competitive. I have been both complemented and ridiculed for my passivity (let’s call it apathy) in sports, board games, etc. However, in debates–formal or otherwise, or arguments–rational or otherwise, I become a very different person.  

Yeah so, this I can get into!

Here’s the thing…

I want to see how far we can go. I say we, because I need your help.

If you haven’t already, follow Here’s the thing… on Twitter. I will post the polls when the time comes so that you can vote. If you aren’t on Twitter, this would be a great excuse to jump on.

In all seriousness, one of the main objectives of this blog is to help people. The more people it reaches, the more people are helped. This tournament is simply a fun opportunity to extend the blog’s reach and to do exactly what its creators want—glorify God through the promotion of Christian apologetics.

Oh, and there’s a trophy, so…

Thanks for reading!

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